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A Bucket of Water on the Bathroom Ceiling? No problem, SurePods™ have IronCloud™ Ceilings

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Just last week SurePods’ director of sales received a telephone call from one of our key repeat customers. The phone call started with a story about a contractor on the Embassy Suites hotel project in Seattle accidentally dumping over a 5-gallon bucket filled with water. It seems most of the water flooded through a core hole down one level onto the ceiling of a SurePod™ which was sitting on the floor beneath the spill.

Steve Foley, a SurePods™ key customer, is also the Senior Superintendent for 255 South King Street, LP. 255 South King Street, LP is a construction arm, American Life, Inc. a company specializing in real estate development. Upon learning of the spill, his first thought was to go into damage control mode. Then suddenly he realized with great relief, the spilled upon bathroom was manufactured by Oldcastle and fortified an IronCloud™ ceiling.

What is an IronCloud Ceiling?

IronCloud™ ceiling is a unique patented product available only in SurePods™. After years in the bathroom manufacturing business, the engineering team at Oldcastle decided there had to be a better solution to the issues inherent to bathroom ceilings. Hairline cracks, staining, separation at the seams and watermarks were all pervasive bathroom ceiling issues that kept repeating themselves on various projects. The SurePods™ team then developed the IronCloud™ patented ceiling to eliminate the ceiling plight.

What does IronCloud™ offer hotel Developers and Owners?

• 5-year no crack warranty
• 100% Seamless, crack-proof construction
• Waterproof, ideal for wet and humid areas
• Non-organic, mold and mildew resistant
• Stain resistant, durable, low maintenance

The good news is upon further inspection the bathroom beneath the spill was wiped up and as Steve Foley attested over the phone last week, there was no evidence of the spill thanks to the IronCloud™ ceiling.

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Do you think IronCloud™ patented ceilings could make a difference in your hotel?


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