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Peeling Back the Wallpaper on SurePods

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In our last post, we went behind the scenes at The Courtyard by Marriott in Hagerstown, Maryland. After being in constant use for seven years, the hotel was ready for its first scheduled maintenance upgrade. Guided by Adam Hedgcock, Director of Engineering for SurePods, let’s revisit a modular bathroom pod installation and see how it is performing years later.


Stepping into the SurePods restroom, the prefabricated pod appears to be free from damage, with no immediate cracks or unsightly stains marring any surface. Hedgcock credits premium gypsum USG Fiberock Aqua-Tough interior panels and 100% waterproof ultra-flat subfloor material, which SurePods has been using since day one.


More recently, SurePods revolutionized bathroom ceiling maintenance with the damp/moisture-proof ceiling IronCloud™ patented ceiling, which has a 5-year no crack warranty and is 100% waterproof, mold and mildew resistant. While the patent-pending ceiling was not available back in 2008 when the Hagerstown project was built, the IronCloud patent-pending product was used in the Hagerstown hotel owner’s 2nd SurePods hotel project, a Marriott Residence Inn located in Fulton, MD.


By peeling back the shower corner’s wallpaper, we’ll be able to see how the wall panels, flooring and ceiling have worked together in “one of the most moisture-prone areas of the bathroom,” Hedgcock explains.


And now, for the moment of truth – can we have a drumroll, please? . . . Hedgcock pulls off a panel of wall vinyl to reveal zero splotchy black fungus spores! In Hedgcock’s words, “[the] wallboard is fully intact, structurally sound. No signs of mold or moisture. We’ll simply remove the old wallpaper and install the new.”


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While Hedgcock finds the same results when examining the rest of the modular pod, it’s best to see for yourself how the small, confined wet space of a hotel bathroom passes the test of time thanks to SurePods. We promise there’s no footage of nightmarish mold or mildew!

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