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Prefab Bathroom Pods – Have You Ever Wondered?

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Have you ever wondered….


How SurePods prefab bathroom pods are installed?

How building inspectors deal with prefab bathrooms?

How weather conditions might impact SurePods installation?

What kind of equipment is required to install prefab bathroom pods?

Or have you wondered the BIG question….How much time can you save by using SurePods prefab bathroom pods? 


STOP WONDERING! Watch this video

American Builder, Brian Gurry answers all those questions and more in the video above. The video was filmed onsite at a pod delivery for the Hyatt Place project at the APEX Center of New England in Marlborough, Massachusetts.

Prefabricated Construction

If you work in the commercial construction industry chances are you have at least heard about the concept of prefabricated construction. Prefab has been around for many years and in today’s construction climate, its relevance has seen a sharp spike due to productivity and labor issues as well as environmental considerations. There are many excellent examples of prefabricated technology.

Prefab bathroom pods

Prefab bathroom pods are an excellent example of prefabricated technology. If prefabrication is something you have thought about and might be considering, you likely have questions. The video below answers many of the commonly asked questions we get about SurePods.

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