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Closeout Survey

Overall Business: Respectful of you, the clientOverall Business: Respectful of you, the client
Overall Business: Honest and TransparentOverall Business: Honest and Transparent
Communication: KnowledgeableCommunication: Knowledgeable
Communication: Prompt & ProfessionalCommunication: Prompt & Professional
PreCon/ Design Phase: BIM/CAD SupportPreCon/ Design Phase: BIM/CAD Support
PreCon/ Design Phase: Model AccuracyPreCon/ Design Phase: Model Accuracy
Delivery & Field Work: QualityDelivery & Field Work: Quality
Delivery & Field Work: Hand off ProcedureDelivery & Field Work: Hand off Procedure
Financial: Accurate InvoicingFinancial: Accurate Invoicing
Financial: Setup & PaperworkFinancial: Setup & Paperwork

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