job site safety instruction/training session

Job Site Safety using Bathroom Pods

Removing bathroom construction from the site reduces workers compensation rates, decreases the risk of OHSA violations and has potential to reduce general liability insurance.

Factories are not affected by dangers of poor weather conditions. Safety measures are easy to monitor and can be strictly imposed in a manufacturing facility. The bathrooms are constructed at ground level, reducing risks from working at heights. When all combined, factories are a safer place to build bathrooms.

Key advantages of incorporating prefab bathroom pods on your project

  • Remove thousands of labor hours from job site
  • Reduce job site injuries and workers’ comp claims
  • Reduce disturbances to local community
job site safety

Each hour pulled off-site and done in the factory at ground level virtually eliminates fatalities from falls and caught‐in or ‐between hazards.

OSHA Training Institute, Construction Focus Four