accelerated construction by SurePodsAccelerated Construction – Save 10% or More on Your Schedule

The ability to accelerate the traditional construction timeline is illustrated below. Key factors to consider when considering how incorporating factory built bathrooms will impact your project:

  • Pods are fabricated in the factory while at the same time crews prepare the site, infrastructure, foundations, and superstructure.
  • Concurrent construction activities result in time savings.
  • SurePods’ expertise and experience allow for coordination of a just in time delivery approach.
  • SurePods deliver and install up to 30 units per day.
  • Indoor factory environment protects materials and prevents weather delays.
  • Punch list from the bathroom – notoriously the most problem-ridden part of multi-unit construction projects – is eliminated.

Hotel developers regularly shave two months or more off their construction schedule by using SurePods prefab bathrooms, that is accelerated construction.

Read a testimonial article regarding Exempla St. Joseph Heritage Hospital in Denver, a recent SurePods bathroom pod project, on Building+Design Network that speaks to building teams ability to compress project schedule when using prefabrication.