sustainable properties of factory built bathrooms

If you are visiting this page, you likely value the benefits of a green building approach. The question is do you recognize the benefits enough to make a buy decision?

Using prefab bathrooms should be a core part of your building strategy. Incorporating bathroom pods has an impact beyond the sustainable and conservation properties of the materials in the bathroom. The impacts of using a prefab approach are far reaching and affect the project site’s efficiency, waste, and safety.

If you are looking to go green, here is how SurePods can make a huge impact:

Material Choice Impacts

  • 100% recycled steel studs roll formed to exact lengths
  • Wall board has certified, recycled content of 97%
  • Use of low VOC paints, caulking and adhesives
  • Use of low flow plumbing fixtures
  • Use of low energy consumption electrical fixtures and occupancy sensors

Efficiency Gain Impacts

  • Schedule savings, reduced general conditions
  • Schedule reduction, open/occupy sooner
  • Reduce project management
  • Reduce material deliveries to the site
  • Reduce waste and materials on site

Keep in mind, the decision to go with a factory built approach should happen early on in the decision making process. Interested in learning more about using bathroom pods to achieve your sustainable building goals?

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