7 story concrete facade dormitory in Florida

Multi-unit residential construction projects are a great application for the use of prefab bathroom pods.

Dormitories and apartments

SurePods offers an attractive, high-end solution for multi-unit residential projects. By leveraging economies of scale with smart design, SurePods now offers students, luxury apartment buyers or assisted living residents beautifully appointed bathrooms. The bathroom pods also offer builders a way to achieve an accelerated schedule and experience fewer job site hassles.
SurePods bathrooms are fully customized to fit any floor plan and any décor, from chic, modern designs to ADA-compliant designs that promote safety and independence. You chose the finishes and leave the rest t.

Militar Making sure that you use experts in concrete to make your constructions secure and safe for your residents is a number one priority in this area.y housing

The US government promotes the use of pre-engineered construction to speed construction time, improve quality, and reduce site labor. Bidders must demonstrate their ability to meet fixed construction schedules while meeting tough construction and workmanship standards. Military bathrooms require more durable finishes than typical ones.
SurePod’s factory-built bathrooms are a perfect fit for military housing jobs because they offer the contractor the ability to provide high-quality, government compliant bathrooms while meeting aggressive construction deadlines. SurePods are built in the USA and are made of component parts that comply with the U.S. Buy American Act.

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SurePods has built several examples of multi-unit residential construction including dormitories, multi-family housing and military barracks. Visit our project portfolio to see examples.

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