143 bathroom pods


Birmingham, AL


Methodist Homes of Alabama and Northwest Florida

General Contractor:

Golden Construction


Action Pact Design 

Completed January 2017

Project Notes – Fair Haven Retirement Community Birmingham, AL

Methodist Homes of Alabama and Northwest Florida has a compelling and compassionate vision for senior living at its Fair Haven Retirement Community Birmingham, Alabama: to create a genuine home-like setting, while providing elders with clear opportunities to direct their own lives.

In early 2017, the senior housing provider opened a renovated and expanded Fair Haven campus. This included construction of three new buildings with 143 units of assisted living, long-term care and short-term stay, along with refurbishing existing buildings. The $42 million project was designed to accommodate a small group of residents, with each household featuring its own kitchen, dining room, living rooms and private sleeping quarters.

Achieving this vision required the general contractor, Golden Construction, to pursue innovative construction methods. “We needed to bring speed to the project to drive financing cost down and create room in the budget for items important to meeting the owner’s vision for these buildings,” said Hunter Benton, project manager for Golden Construction. These features included cove lighting, in-room heating/cooling controls and other finishes for a home-like environment.

To trim two months from the construction schedule and reduce project costs when developing its bid, Golden specified SurePods prefabricated bathroom units. In addition to speeding construction, Benton noted, “Having the bathrooms prefabricated offsite gave us an opportunity to combat the increasing workload the market put on the labor resources in our area.”

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