220 bathroom pods


Downtown Nashville, TN

Owner: Pinnacle Hospitality Partners

General Contractor: D.F. Chase Inc.

Architect: Bounds + Gillespie

Interior Designer: Atwater Inc. Studio

Completed 2018

Project Notes – Holiday Inn Nashville, TN 


The 220-room Holiday Inn has a total budget of between $65 million and $70 million. The full-service hotel will offer an in-house bar and restaurant, 7,000 square feet of meeting space and other amenities aimed at attracting people attending conventions at the Music City Center convention hall one block away. Nashville tourism officials lobbied the developer to make the hotel full-service, to help boost their efforts recruiting groups with greater spending power. Atwater Inc. Studio is the interior designer for the project. They are responsible for the attractive and rather unique design of this full-service upscale Holiday Inn.

As the Nashville Business Journal article “Another tower crane coming downtown, as developer lines up money for $65M SoBro hotel” title alludes, Nashville is a hot market that just keeps getting hotter. In these rapidly expanding markets throughout the country such as Nashville, we are seeing that microeconomic factors have an impact on the decision-making process of developers in considering using prefabrication. They see the opportunity to meet a rising demand for accommodations but at the same time see the limited resources especially as it pertains to construction labor. Using bathroom pods and taking some of the labor offsite is one way to combat the labor availability limitation.

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