114 bathroom pods


Brooklyn, NY


Blue Sea Development Company, LLC

General Contractor:

Blue Sea Development Company, LLC

Dattner Architects

Completed February 2016

Project Notes – Prospect Plaza


The prefab residential housing development is comprised of a combination of 4-story walk-up, townhouse-style buildings and a five and a half story building for a total of 110 units. Blue Sea Development, highly regarded for raising the bar when designing and constructing healthy, green affordable housing, has chosen to use a combination of SurePods’ precast building system and factory built bathroom pods for the project.


It took just 90 minutes at the project site to unload the first delivery of 8 bathroom pods from trucks and crane them into the precast structure. SurePods’ staff supervised the installation. Prior to manufacturing, both the bathroom pods and SurePods’ production facility were pre-approved by New York City Department of Building, Office of Technical Certification and Research (OTCR).

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