698 bathroom pods


Los Angeles, CA


Hanjin Group

General Contractor:



AC Martin Partners

Completed February 2017

Project Notes – Wilshire Grand

SurePods supplied 698 fully complete bathroom pods for the Wilshire Grand project. The factory built fully finished bathrooms remained locked for the duration of the interior construction process. After the bathroom pods arrived onsite, they required only a handful of mechanical, electrical and plumbing connections. Use of the plug and play SurePods is evidence that the Wilshire Grand set the gold standard of design, engineering, and architecture in downtown Los Angeles.

INNOVATIVE DESIGN | The Pod Difference

  • Pod fabrication began in the SurePods factory at the same time the concrete was being poured for the building’s foundations at the site. Concurrent construction activities, a benefit of prefabrication, helps to abbreviate the overall project schedule allowing the new hotel to open up quicker.
  • The project architects own the design of the 5-star bathrooms so no creativity is lost while SurePods engineers coordinating the connection points with the project MEP engineers. This allows for the maximum efficiencies of lean offsite manufacturing.


  • Pods will be loaded three at a time onto flatbed trucks and driven four hours from the manufacturing facility in Madera, CA to the Wilshire Grand job site in Downtown Los Angeles.
  • The site crane along with a specialized lifting cage provided by SurePods hoisted the pods vertically and slide them into the structure on floors 31-66.
  • The bathrooms were wrapped for maximum weather protection until the building was completely weather-tight. Then they were opened, inspected and rolled into place.

STREAMLINED EXECUTION | Time-Saving Benefits of Pods

  • Bathrooms typically require the skill set of 10 different trades when built on-site. This work was completed by a single vendor offsite providing for an efficient single point of contact for all the bathrooms.
  • Once fabricated, installation was as simple as hoisting the pod using the site crane and making mechanical connections similar to a kitchen appliance.
  • The repetitive, assembly-line style of the offsite fabrication process allowed the bathrooms to be constructed in line with lean principles and guaranteed quality.

EXCEPTIONAL RESULTS | Benefits of the Pod Approach

  • The bathroom pods were designed using 3D Revit modeling allowing for complete BIM coordination. These computer models drove the factory automation leading to complete dimensional accuracy and unmatched high-quality workmanship.
  • Bathroom pods go through a rigorous process of strict Quality Assurance & Quality Control throughout the assembly and prior to shipping.
  • Offsite construction of the pods saved over 100 man hours per bathroom, increasing project efficiency, reducing site congestion, improving onsite safety and benefiting the overall project schedule without compromising quality
  • SurePods offer a 5-year structural and 1-Year material and workmanship warranty.

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