factory buily bathrooms on an assembly line as they are manufactured

SurePods™ is the leading provider of prefabricated bathrooms in North America.

The SurePods story began back in 2004 when three manufacturing engineers rented a small warehouse in Concord, MA. They were on a mission to examine the construction process and assess what parts could be pulled out of the traditional cycle and built better in a factory. They identified the bathroom as a complex component of many projects that could be turned into a manufactured product. Thus, Eggrock was started as the first pod company in North America. The name Eggrock was derived from an oval shaped rock located in Concord where the Sudbury and Assabet rivers merge. To the founders, that Eggrock symbolized the merging of construction and manufacturing into a single, stronger river.

Early on the bathrooms were introduced to Marriott Hotels, who immediately recognized the potential. Soon after other hospitality brands were on board with the idea. As of today, SurePods has built modular bathroom pods for Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, Intercontinental, Omni, Choice, and many boutique brands as well. SurePods also supports student housing, multi-family apartments, healthcare, assisted living, and other specialized work on a case by case basis. The company has remained focused on manufacturing repeatable bathroom designs to provide a superior quality product.

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