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Let the SurePods advantage change the way you build by; accelerating your schedule, demand superior quality, simplify your project and increase your job site safety.  SurePods prefabricated modular bathrooms are the way to do it.



Accelerated Construction – Save 10% or More on Your Schedule

Key factors to consider that will impact your project:

Pods are fabricated in the factory; crews prepare the site at the same time

Concurrent construction activities result in time savings

Coordination of a just-in-time (JIT) delivery approach

30+ units per shift are delivered and installed with SurePods

Punch list from the bathroom is eliminated

Clients regularly shave 2-4 months off their construction schedule by using SurePods.



Focused on Building Superior Quality Products

At SurePods, we practice lean manufacturing concepts, ensuring each pod rolls off the assembly line at the highest quality.

Why are SurePods superior quality?

Automation of key steps drives dimensional accuracy

Quality control at every station, including incoming raw material inspection

Final 120-point quality assurance inspection, including root cause analysis of defects

Controlled, well-lit work environment

Integrated CAD / CAM system drives BIM model straight into production

Stable, permanent employees cross-trained in multiple functions



Prefab Bathroom Pods Offer Simplicity


SurePods is your single source, eliminating 8–12 trades from working in a confined space that requires a high level of finish. 

How does SurePods simplify projects?


Single point

of procurement




punch list



Reduced onsite

materials waste

Fewer people

on site

Reduce site


No weather




Job Site Safety Using SurePods


The SurePods factory is a safer place to build key components for your project, as safety measures are easily monitored and strictly imposed. All pods are constructed at ground level, reducing risks that come with working at greater heights.

Key advantages of incorporating prefab pods on your project:

Remove thousands of labor hours from job site

Reduce injuries and incidences onsite

Reduce delivery and disturbances to local communities 

Each hour pulled off-site and done in the factory at ground level virtually eliminates fatalities from falls and caught‐in or ‐between hazards.

OSHA Training Institute, Construction Focus Four

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