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Lakeridge Garden- Long Term Care

Owner: Province of Ontario
General Contractors: PCL Construction
G Architects

Scope: 280 Bathrooms
Location: Ajax, Ontario, Canada
Status: Opened March 2022


Interesting Fact:

Lakeridge Garden was built in 13 months during the covid-19 pandemic. SurePods was one of the prefabricated solutions to compress the schedule and a few other solutions. “We are deeply privileged to have worked with partners to create the accelerated build program to quickly deliver a much needed long-term care infrastructure,” said Michael Lindsay, President, and CEO of Infrastructure Ontario. “Through a range of accelerated measures such as modular construction, rapid procurement, and hospital lands, we have successfully built this facility faster than the traditional timeline. This project is a resonant example of what can be achieved when innovation, modern solutions, and great partnerships come together.”

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