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20th LCI Congress Gemba Walk at SurePods

As part of the Lean Construction Institutes 20th Annual Congress which took place in Orlando, Florida October 15-19, 2018, SurePods hosted a Gemba walk.  It was billed as “SurePods Modular Bathroom Pod Factory Tour – Come see the largest pod manufacturer in the U.S. at their facility that produces over 4,000 bathroom pods per year. Practicing Lean Manufacturing within the facility, see how prefabrication can help improve construction sites. Learn how SurePods interacts with construction teams and the value prefab and modular can bring to a jobsite with a walk and review through the entire production process.” The LCI’s program listed the event as SOLD OUT.

It was exciting for our team as we always enjoy the opportunity to share our latest advancements both in the manufacturing plant and in our product demo area. At the conclusion of the program, our guests shared sentiments letting us know us they enjoyed their quick, yet efficient visit to our facility.

Below an explanation of the term Gemba and how the LCI has applied the term to their annual congress.

Gemba, as defined by the Lean Construction Institute, is the Japanese term for “where value is added or where the work takes place.” Lean experts encourage “going to the gemba” to see how things are really done and where there is opportunity to eliminate or reduce waste.Going to the gemba or going to the work is observing a project’s moving parts from administrative to construction processes. The goal is to gain awareness of how work is performed at every stage of the process and to make improvements and standardizations through collaboration and first-hand perspectives. With gemba, the idea of “going slow to go fast” goes hand-in-hand with continual reflection and the PDCA (plan, do, check, act) cycle. Lean Constr

Lean construction institute Gemba Walk 2018

LCI Tour Gemba Walk Introduction to SurePods

Lean construction institute Gemba Walk 2018

LCI Tour Gemba Walk Prefab Bathroom Pod Tour

Lean construction institute Gemba Walk 2018

LCI Tour Gemba – Prefab Bathroom Material Advances

Lean construction institute Gemba Walk 2018

LCI Gemba Walk – Lean Manufacturing Highlights Presentation

Would you like to learn more about lean construction? Visit the Lean Construction Institute. Would you like to learn more about prefab bathrooms? Contact SurePods today!


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