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4s Cost Challenge of Prefab Bathroom Pods

Construction managers and developers are constantly challenged to find ways to offset continually increasing cost and schedule demands of today’s market. Do faster build times, a safer construction environment, right-first-time quality, enhanced sustainability and an opportunity to deliver products at scale/volume cost benefits, sound like attractive solutions?

bathroom pod at LA Live Marriott in los angelos
  1. In a commercial construction setting, prefabrication paves the way to work smarter, faster, safer and save cost. One of the largest and most complex components of multi-unit commercial development projects are the bathrooms. They are largely repeatable, require multiple skilled trades in a relatively small space and demand a high quality of finish. General contractors and developers must consider prefab bathroom pods as an excellent opportunity to leverage prefabrication with the 4S benefits as highlighted below:

1. Speed- Prefab bathroom pods accelerate the construction timeline by as much as 20% with an efficient on-site installation and no punch list.

2. Superior Quality- Factory built bathroom pods adhere to strict quality manufacturing guidelines so that each and every pod comes out as designed per your specifications.

3. Simplicity- No more juggling of trades in limited work space at the site. Have your pod designed using 3D modeling for onsite compatibility, delivered, installed and connected to the building’s mechanical systems.

4. Safety- Fewer employees at the work site can reduce incidents, OSHA violations, and potentially your general liability insurance.

When evaluating the financial implications of incorporating modular bathrooms into your project, it is important to understand that in a direct cost comparison, using prefab bathroom pods may not appear less expensive when compared to conventional construction. The main variable in cost calculations is the project’s location. Through extensive analysis, we have found that in an average cost market as defined by RS Means prefab bathroom pods will present as cost neutral before considering the benefits. In a below average cost market where labor and materials can be procured for less, bathroom pods may present at a premium to the site built alternative. Conversely, in high-cost markets where labor cost is at a premium, prefab bathroom pods will save on direct upfront cost, exacerbated even more so in union or urban markets. In average and above average cost markets, leveraging prefabrication will have a significant positive impact on your budget’s bottom line.

Are you interested in learning more about prefabricated bathroom pods? Check out our video library.


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