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5 Common Issues with On-Site Bathroom Construction

In commercial construction projects, bathrooms require a higher level of trade interaction when compared to other elements of the building. This alone can cause project developers and building teams to run into issues when constructing high quantities of bathrooms on-site. From finding enough skilled labor to coordinating all the materials that must go up the lift, simply getting the pieces in place to build can be headache inducing. But trade interaction is not the only reason bathrooms are considered one of the most problem-riddled parts of commercial builds. Here are a few other common issues that arise with the traditional approach, and how a prefab approach can help solve them.

Complexities with multi-sourced procurement: Given that bathrooms typically require the involvement of around 7 to 12 trades, contracts can be difficult to manage, as well as the source of miscommunication. From scheduling conflicts to price negotiations, working with this many sub-contractors can put a strain on projects with tight timelines.

Delays: Those who know the construction industry know how difficult it can be to keep projects moving. Things like harsh weather, limited skilled labor and material shortages are things that can all too easily halt a project’s momentum. And with the many complexities that already accompany completing bathrooms on-site, any delays can throw a wrench in the project’s scheduling and budget as a whole.

Quality Control: Traditionally built bathrooms require an intensive level of management and logistical planning. With so many different pieces at play, the quality of multi-sourced components can be uneven. This often means more time is spent having to go back and inspect each bathroom to make sure all materials and finishes are held and installed to the same quality standards.

Rework: As mentioned above, on-site bathroom construction typically requires anywhere from 7 to 12 different trades. With so many different trades moving in and out of such a small, confined space, this often causes damage to previously complete work. The bathroom punch list can cause developers hundreds of thousands of dollars in finance fees and lost revenue due to surplus labor, costly fixes and lost revenue when rework causes projects to open late.

Waste: When it comes to green building initiatives, bathrooms built on-site can pose a challenge to eco-friendly design goals. A simple lack in communication can result in the incorrect ordering of materials or an inefficient use of resources. Additionally, the more rework needed in bathrooms, the more waste increases through an accumulation of excess scraps.

How prefab can solve these issues

At SurePods, we work to largely eliminate these issues through our prefab bathroom pods that consolidate all the construction trades into one unit. Our modular bathrooms are easy to transport, place and connect, which helps save time and money, while maintaining high quality. Plus, with each pod built in a factory setting to individual project specifications, they arrive at the jobsite with all fixtures and finishes pre-installed and ready to go.

For more information on how our prefab process can help you avoid these issues, contacts us at: [email protected].


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