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Adoption of Modular Hotel Construction

Marriott drives adoption of modular hotel construction at 2017 CONNECT Conference.

Insights from Marriott CONNECT 2017

Marriott CONNECT was a great opportunity to reconnect with many of our hotel industry colleagues which we thoroughly enjoyed.

Marriott continues to be a big advocate for modular hotel construction, announcing its plans to incorporate prefabricated guest rooms or bathrooms into 50 hotel deals in 2017. “Construction is the next frontier for innovation, and modular is leading the way,” said Eric Jacobs, Marriott International’s Chief Development Officer of Select Brands, North America, in a news release.

Bathroom pods are not new to the hotel building scene; they are a technological innovation that has been proven out over 10+ years. SurePods has been building bathrooms for Marriott new hotel projects since 2006 and to-date has built over 2,000 bathroom pods for Marriott branded hotels. The number of Marriott projects completed to date have helped SurePods establish credibility with Marriott International – the largest hotel company in the world – and their franchisees. As a Marriott Approved modular construction company we look forward to many more projects in the years to come.

Did you know? Bathroom pod facts

From our conversations with Marriott CONNECT attendees, many of them learned some things they didn’t know before about SurePods. For example, did you know?

  • SurePods factory built bathrooms are designed to fit in a semi-trailer truck. Typically, 5 bathroom pods fit into a semi-trailer truck which keeps shipping cost affordable.

  • SurePods can be shipped anywhere throughout North America. There are no real distance limits, and we’ve shipped to all regions of the country, ranging from New England to Southern California, Pacific Northwest, Gulf Coast, Rocky Mountains and even the Bahamas via ocean.

  • Shipping to dense urban areas is not an issue for bathroom pods. No special permitting is required. The logistics for delivery and installation downtown are simplified by the fact the pods are delivered in semi-trailer truck and use the site crane in most instances. Downtown Los Angeles, downtown Seattle, and Brooklyn New York are a few urban locations we have experience in.

  • Our pods are made with a steel framed construction that makes a self-supporting structure

  • SurePods can be incorporated in all different building types. SurePods work equally well in all the major construction types including wood frame, post tension, steel frame light gauge metal stud, block and plank, poured concrete and structural steel.

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