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An Innovative Feat of Engineering and Design – Wilshire Grand

feat of engineering and design Wilshire Grand

An Innovative Feat of Engineering and Design: Bathroom Pods

698 fully complete bathroom pods will arrive at the site of the new Wilshire Grand beginning on November 16, supplying the project with factory built, fully finished bathrooms that will remain locked for the duration of the interior construction process. Once the bathroom pods arrive onsite, they will require only a handful of mechanical, electrical and plumbing connections. These plug and play bathroom pods, which were engineered and manufactured offsite by SurePods, are a recent innovation in construction across the U.S., and are the latest evidence that the Wilshire Grand will set the gold standard of design, engineering and architecture in downtown Los Angeles when its doors open in 2017.

INNOVATIVE DESIGN | The Pod Difference

  • Pod fabrication began in the factory at the same time the concrete was being poured for the building’s foundations at the site in February, 2014. The allowance of concurrent construction activities is a benefit of prefabrication, helping to abbreviate the overall project schedule and allowing the new hotel to open up more quickly.

  • Currently, bathrooms are being created at a rate of 3 pods per day.

  • A limited number of pod layouts were used for the entire project. Bathrooms were more uniformly designed when compared to a typical project, ensuring maximum time-efficiency.

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