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Apex Center Modus Operandi Includes Prefab Hotel Bathrooms

The Apex Center of New England is a 150,000 SF custom-designed entertainment complex, hospitality, and retail destination. Located on a 43-acre parcel in Marlboro, Massachusetts right on Route 20 the complex is currently under construction. When completed, APEX Center will include 11 new buildings, one of which will be a four-story entertainment complex, a multistory office and medical building, a touch-free car wash, a veterinary clinic, a bank, and various retail stores.

APEX Center will also include 2 hotels, a Hyatt Place and Fairfield Inn by Marriott that will both feature SurePods™ bathrooms. Prior to embarking on the Apex project, developer RAVentures had included SurePods™ in the construction of 2 hotel projects , a Hilton in Massachusetts and a Marriott in New Hampshire. This project marks the first Hyatt project for SurePods™. Using prefab for hotel bathrooms is an increasing trend throughout North America. SurePods™ is currently engaged in projects that include branded hotels as well as boutique-style hotel projects.

As you can see in the image above, the construction which just began in August is moving along at a fast pace. Leveraging the speed factor the bathroom pods offer fits right into this projects acceleration theme. Although increased quality SurePods™ offer was a key factor in the decision to use factory built bathrooms.

Bathroom pods for the Hyatt Place are now in production at SurePods’ Orlando manufacturing facility. The Hyatt Place bathrooms are nicely appointed with a roomy walk-in shower and oversized eco-quartz vanity.

Deliveries of the Hyatt Place bathroom pods will begin in late January, with the Fairfield project following soon after.


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