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Atrium Health's Expansion with SurePods

SurePods is proud to celebrate the recent opening of Atrium Health Pineville’s Palmetto Tower, an eight-story, 236,000 square-foot expansion in Charlotte, NC. The new tower adds 108 patient rooms, bringing the overall capacity up to 307 licensed beds at the Pineville campus.

Through a competitive nationwide cost & qualification RFP process, SurePods was selected to design, coordinate, manufacture, and install 436 prefabricated patient bathroom pods across multiple Atrium Health facilities. Furthermore, SurePods’ sister company, Digital Building Components, was also chosen to manufacture custom headwalls for the system-wide expansion program.

Once a pod is flown in, it sits next to its designated depressed slab, still wrapped and protected from the elements until the floor is dried. Then, pod continues moves to the next installation phase. Check out the Pineville time-lapse video to the right to see a pod set into its final position!

Atrium Health’s integration of SurePods bathroom pods and other prefabrication techniques reflect the recent popularity of modular construction, “Each (patient) room will have the ability to transition between a variety of levels of care, from an acute care room to an intensive care unit (ICU) to rehabilitation care. When needed, there will be room for future expansion with the top two floors of the new tower remaining open” - Atrium Health News

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, modular, prefabricated construction has proven more beneficial than traditional construction methods, especially in the healthcare industry. A consistent basis of design for patient rooms has been a primary aspect for staff – “Maintaining the same bathrooms and patient rooms in every hospitable was important so that staff could move easily between different sites,” said Scott MacLeod, Project Director at DPR.

As Atrium Health continues to expand its presence and provide cutting-edge healthcare throughout the region, SurePods will be there to support any modular building efforts with our prefabricated, custom bathroom pods. SurePods recognizes the demand for pods in the healthcare industry and the impact we can make for builders, developers, and end-users such as patients, doctors, and other staff.

If you’re a contractor or developer and you want to learn more about how modular bathroom pods can benefit your build, connect with us at


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