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Bathroom Pods Impact Construction Site Safety

Back in 2006, I joined SurePods as an administrative assistant and within a year I took over the role of Safety Coordinator. I was consumed with the thought that one of my colleagues whom I enjoyed working alongside and respected a great deal could get hurt while doing their everyday jobs. In an effort to avoid these thoughts, I began to research and read all information and literature about safety I could get my hands on. My goal was to remove as many obstacles to construction site safety as I possibly could. Safety is a tangible but pliable concept. It is totally dependent on the actions of people. From the engineer to the project manager to the installer; each member of the project team affects safety. However, the first control to construction site safety is to start at the beginning – engineer out the problem.

Engineer out some site safety issues by using modular solutions. Consider prefab bathroom pods! How do SurePods Bathroom Pods make a site safer?

  1. Prefab accelerates the construction timeline by approximately 20% with an efficient on-site installation and no punch list. Less hours on the job site equals less opportunity for incidents.

  2. In the factory, safety measures can be strictly imposed and are easier to monitor than on a project site. Furthermore, factory injury rates are historically significantly lower than construction project sites.

  3. Multiple story facilities are constructed at ground level reducing risks from working at heights.

  4. The factory employs a local workforce trained in the tasks they perform on a day-to-day basis making them aware of potential risks and hazards.

  5. Fewer workers at the project site can reduce incidents, OSHA violations, and possibly your general liability insurance.

SurePods Bathroom Pods make a site safer by engineering out work at the site. By allowing your work site to have less laborers on site and fewer labor hours overall, it can reduce the safety incident ratio. Construction Site Safety can be increased with the use of SurePods Bathroom Pods. Click below and request more information and one of our team members will get back to you right away!

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