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Building Structure Type – SurePods Don’t Care

Are you building a wood frame, steel, post tension, or block and plank structure? It doesn’t matter to SurePods, they are structurally indifferent

Developers, architects, and contractors are always questioning which building structure types they can build with and still utilize bathroom pods. When it comes to SurePods bathrooms, that worry is an unnecessary thought process to entertain.

Through the years and experience gained by having installed over 20,000-bathroom pods, SurePods Bathroom Pods have worked with all types of building structures ranging from wood frame, post-tension slab, poured in place concrete, block and plank, light gauge, etc., etc. You name the structure, SurePods are now living as part of that building type. Building structures can be designed in many different ways, the usual way is using concrete to create a sturdy structure, however, some companies may go for fabric buildings over basic structures to be more economical and last a lot longer than regular ones.

How do SurePods install in these various structures?

Depending on the structure type, there will be various installation methods for SurePods to “fly” the pods into the building.

Wood Frame and Light Gauge Steel – Exterior Load Bearing

Top loading bathroom pod

Traditionally, when using wood frame and/or light gauge systems with exterior load bearing walls, SurePods will engage in a top load scenario utilizing our special lifting bridal.

Steel and Concrete – Exterior Walls are Non-Load Bearing


When building with steel and concrete featuring open exterior walls SurePods uses their patented lifting cage to side load the pods as the exterior skin chases our pod deliveries up the building.

As a partner on the project, SurePods works closely with the design & construction team to ensure efficient and safe deliveries of our pods to your jobsite no matter how the pods are being loaded.

As SurePods have increasingly been adopted, we have seen interest ranging from low rise wood projects to high rise post tension concrete projects and everywhere in between. Getting involved early enough in the design is a critical ingredient to a successful pod project. SurePods partners with the architect, coordinates MEP penetrations and hookups, and schedules JIT deliveries of bathroom pods. The upfront coordination and engineering that SurePods engages in is far more imperative than stressing over which structure our system can be used in. With that said, SurePods structural indifference opens more doors to partnering with you on a project.

Reach out today, start the conversation to determine whether SurePods is a fit for your project.


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