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Can’t wait to see you at Marriott CONNECT 2018!

The SurePods team is on hand with a display featuring 3 Marriott branded bathrooms including the AC Hotels by Marriott, Element and Fairfield Inn by Marriott. Come touch, see, and feel SurePods quality first hand.

The SurePods process allows ten trades to be collapsed into one precise factory-built product. Cut costs, shorten timelines, and eliminate job site risk with SurePods. We are revolutionizing hotel construction.

SurePods has been working with Marriott since 2006! We built our first Courtyard way back then and have since built thousands of Marriott bathrooms across many brands and continue to look for advanced ways to support their discerning designers and equally discerning owners/ franchisees.

MONDAY, DECEMBER 17: 3:30pm – 6:00pm

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 18 11:00am – 4:00pm

Mods & Pods is located on the Marina Walkway, just outside of and adjacent to the Pacific Ballroom. You can’t miss us.

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