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Celebrating National Manufacturing Day

Happy National Manufacturing Day! On this nationally recognized day, which falls on the first Friday in October, we’re joining with companies and educational institutions around the country to celebrate the opportunities within manufacturing and introduce a new generation to a rewarding career path.

One option for potential manufacturing professionals to consider is the booming prefabrication industry. Pre-fab, or modular construction, involves assembling building components in an off-site facility. Crews then transport completed structures directly to the jobsite. This is a relatively new construction practice that is only expected to grow. As a 2019 Modular Construction Update shares: “In a recent survey of BuiltWorlds Members, 79% of respondents indicated that they anticipate modular construction’s market share to increase at a faster rate over the next 5 years than it has over the past 5 years, with 21% expecting growth at a constant rate. No respondents anticipate a slow-down of new modular starts; it has become clear that the industry is ready for modularization.”

Not only do experts predict that the industry will increasingly rely on pre-fab solutions, but the cutting edge building processes help debunk some of today’s most common manufacturing misconceptions. For example, modular methods help bust the myth that manufacturing jobs are associated with limited opportunities. When many think of a modern manufacturing floor, they likely picture people manning individual stations engaged in simple, repetitive tasks. However, on these off-site jobsites, such as our SurePods factory, robots and humans work side-by-side on various value-added processes. Employees are cross-trained on different steps and take pride in their part. And with the labor shortage having no end in sight, “half a million of (manufacturing sector) (…) openings will be for engineers, and an untold number of job openings will be for new, emerging occupations,” said a CNBC article.

Many people also worry about deplorable factory conditions. Certainly, yesterday’s dirty factories did not provide adequate lighting and air quality, and horror stories about workplace injuries were commonplace. In light-filled modular working environments, precision techniques now result in less waste and squeaky clean facilities. With less sawdust and other byproducts floating around, the air is much easier on workers’ lungs.

Jobsite safety has also vastly improved when compared with your grandpa’s factory. From the floor, managers can more easily enforce OSHA regulations as they monitor all factory activity. With ground-built bathroom pods, dizzying heights are also taken out of the equation. The result is fewer injuries on the jobsite.

Further benefits of working in pre-fab manufacturing include:

  • A stable and permanent employment arrangement

  • Programs that promote team collaboration

  • An environment where team members are motivated to share new concepts

What’s more, by working on these modular products, you’ll have a part in revolutionizing the construction industry and making a difference. Each team members’ collective efforts contribute to shortened project schedules, help solve the skilled labor crisis and bring buildings to life that might not otherwise be possible.

Intrigued? Take a look at a modern manufacturing plant here SUREPODS HOW IT’S MADE VIDEO and then connect with us on LinkedIn. See updates on the modular manufacturing industry and explore job opportunities at our Orlando headquarters. And be sure to have yourself a merry Manufacturing Day!


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