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Combining Strategic Design with Manufacturing Precision & Productivity

SurePods is the national leader in bathroom pod manufacturing. We have conjured innovative, automated solutions to streamline the process between modeling and production.

Since 2012, SurePods has modeled over 100 bathroom projects and 18,000 pods exclusively with REVIT. To initiate the design phase, our team models all bathroom pods in REVIT to a final level of LOD 450. Then, we create a visual representation to inspect every assembly component and finalize the client's design. This systematic process guarantees no interior or exterior conflicts for the new bathroom pod.

Once the client approves the pod design, each REVIT model is converted into a CNC (Computer numerical control) file and immediately sent to production. This direct, automated process prevents the loss of required parts between the design model and the manufacturing floor.

After the new designs are uploaded successfully, we robotically cut all wall panels and roll studs using CNC machines with CAM (Computer-aided manufacturing) to ensure the highest accuracy and maximize production efficiency. Since SurePods' REVIT models directly translate to CAM, our robots may also cut gypsum panels and create other bathroom areas based on the project’s design elements.

SurePods’ strategic design methods enable our team to seamlessly guide and connect each panel to build the pod’s primary shape. Thoughtful planning and accuracy are critical to forming a reliable, solid base for the remaining production processes.

SurePods is one of the leading manufacturers to practice true BIM to CAM transfer by combining architectural design with manufacturing precision and productivity. Our methods are innovative and strategic, resulting in superior-quality bathroom pods.

If you’re a contractor or developer and want to learn how modular bathroom pods can benefit your next project, connect with us at


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