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commARCH Article – Consigli Construction Making the most of Modular with SurePods

As modular methods continue to gain traction across the country, media outlets are seizing the moment and covering projects where the tandem build process led to valuable time- and cost-savings. commARCH recently spotlighted Prism Apartments, a multifamily residential project that turned to the prefab process to optimize skilled labor resources and accelerate construction timelines in one of the most expensive metro areas to build in the United States.

When developing Prism Apartments in the heart of Cambridge, Massachusetts, a dense and sought-after location for students and young professionals, general contractor; Consigli Construction enlisted SurePods to prefabricate bathrooms offsite. Project architects worked collaboratively with the SurePods team to design 159 modular bathroom pods for a variety of the apartment’s layouts, ranging from studios to 2-bedroom units.

Bathrooms typically require 8 -12 construction trades, which can present the enormous risk of damaging previously completed work. Since bathroom reworks can account for up to 60% of punch lists in most multi-unit projects, Consigli Construction saved valuable time and resources with SurePods’ modular model. In fact, the project team estimates that prefabricating bathroom pods offsite saved $2,500 per bathroom compared to built-in-place bathrooms and also eliminated 10 days of on-site labor per bathroom.

As seen in the article, this resulted in significant time savings. Following a successfully coordinated delivery, bathrooms were ready for installation and the project was on track to open just in time to meet student housing needs.

See all the ways in which SurePods accelerated this project here: Consigli Construction Making the Most of Modular (


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