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Construction Market Update: Survey Shows Skilled Labor Shortage Impacting Contractors’ Bottom Line

There’s no doubt the shortage of skilled construction labor is making it increasingly hard to find and hire craftsmen. But that’s not all it is affecting. According to a recent survey, the persisting labor squeeze is impacting contractors’ bottom line.

Results from the Q1 2019 USG Corporation + U.S. Chamber of Commerce Commercial Construction Index show that 70 percent of contractors are struggling to meet deadlines. Further restricting revenue, 40 percent of contractors said they turned down new projects due to staffing woes. The labor shortage is also causing firms to ask skilled workers to do more work (81 percent) and increase costs for new work (63 percent).

While the report once again brings to light the myriad challenges the industry is facing as a result of the skilled labor shortage, the findings were not all doom and gloom. Contractors noted “good pay, opportunities for advancement and the ability to learn new skills on the job as the best reasons to pursue a career in construction.” Bringing this viewpoint to a new generation of workers, who in the survey cited construction work as “dirty” and a “job” rather than a career, may be just the key to attracting and retaining skilled labor.

“It is important for construction leaders to consider how we can shift the perception of the industry and increase the number of young workers who want to work in the trades,” said Jennifer Scanlon, president and CEO of USG Corporation. “Retention will be particularly important to meet infrastructure demands, as well as a continued focus on innovative processes and technology on the jobsite.”

Here at SurePods, we couldn’t agree more with Scanlon’s sentiments. The construction industry has progressed by leaps and bounds the last few decades. New technologies like prefabricated bathroom pods are turning age-old construction methods upside down, speeding up construction cycles, simplifying jobsite sequencing and improving finish quality. Many projects and products now rely on sophisticated technology like Revit for BIM to provide better tolerances, accuracy and remove the risk of conflicts. The key is educating today’s skilled workforce about how these new technologies can help them meet their deadlines, recoup money and reduce jobsite demands.

In fact, showing today’s craftsmen and contractors what the construction industry is capable of now—in the midst of the skilled labor crisis—will go a long way towards changing negative perceptions and attracting the workforce of tomorrow.

To learn how today’s innovative prefabricated bathroom pods can help you meet deadlines and improve your bottom line, contact Bill Seery, SurePods vice president of business development at [email protected]. Let us help you meet your project goals!


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