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Construction Product Pre-Approvals Streamline Development For Hotel Operators And Developers

Have you ever stood in the security checkpoint line at the airport and seen someone with a TSA pre-check approval bypass the line and quickly get through security? Perhaps, you, yourself, are one of those fortunate pre-check travelers not stuck wasting time in line. Sure, you eventually make it to your plane even without pre-check, but think of what you could do with all that time not spent waiting.

Pre-approval of construction methods and materials by the major hospitality companies provides a similar benefit to hotel operators and developers as TSA pre-check does to air travelers. For example, for innovative hotel operators and developers interested in pre-fab construction, some multi-national hospitality companies pre-approve certain systems for use in all their flags (bands) – from select to premium, luxury and long stay properties. As an operator or developer, you save time and resources by not having to make the case for using pre-fab.

So, if you’re an operator or developer of properties such as Residence Inn by Marriott, Courtyard by Marriott or other Marriott flags, Marriott International has pre-approved SurePods modular bathrooms for use in all their branded properties. The company’s vetting of such systems allows you to implement time-saving construction methods with no hassle. SurePods is also approved as a supplier for other top hotel brands, such as  Hilton, Hyatt and IHG, as well as Omni, so you can rest assured that brand compliance is a given.

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