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Custom Prefabrication in Construction

SurePods builds bathroom pods for virtually any project need

At one time, prefabrication meant mass production of similar products. Think back to when Henry Ford revolutionized manufacturing with the Model T automobile, which came in a single color – black – and with no options. The same once was true for prefab building systems.

Today, manufacturers offer personalization of all kinds of goods made in bulk. For example, Coca-Cola enabled customers to add any name to their soft drink cans, and Trek empowered its customers to specify their own bike. Even Ford now offers personalization beyond dealer add-ons, such as with its Mustang Customizer tool.

Today custom prefabrication is available. Whether it be for prefab garages, built to accommodate specific vehicle numbers and sizes, or designed to be split into areas for other applications, or parts of inside the home that can adjust to the dimensions and pre-existing requirements inside the construction itself, the format of prefab has changed exponentially. In building prefab, SurePods™ customizes modular bathrooms to each project’s specifications – from floor plan and size to elegance of finish (public housing to 5-star hotel). Everything is pre-installed and ready-to-go, including customer-selected sinks, toilets, mirrors, lighting and wall coverings.

Such was the case when Golden Construction recently built the Fair Haven Retirement Community in Birmingham, Alabama. The senior housing was developed to create a genuine home-like setting, which included quality bathrooms as would be found in one’s own home, rather than those found in some institutions.

Given the mobility challenges of some Fair Haven residents, as part of the community’s homey bathrooms, the project team specified code compliant roll-in showers (model LES6337A75B) from Bestbath, which are both functional and beautiful. To ensure safe floors leading to the showers, Golden Construction and SurePods worked together to develop floors for the bathroom pods with tighter tolerances than required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). “SurePods did a fantastic job working with us and the design team to integrate the new bathroom design into an existing design,” said Hunter Benton, project manager for Golden Construction.

From multi-housing to luxury hotels, SurePods factory built bathrooms have been installing throughout North America, including in the 5-star Broadmoor Resort in Colorado Springs, Colorado. “We work with extremely discerning customers, who want custom solutions to their needs,” said Bill Seery, Director of Business Development for SurePods.


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