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De-Risking Part 1: How SurePods combats labor issues in times of crisis

Acts of God — diseases, floods or other natural emergencies — happen. More often than not, they can have a widespread impact across multiple communities, with the potential to bring a halt to everyday life.

For example, we currently have an ongoing project in the Boston market, and the city of Boston just decreed to shut down all construction jobsites there as part of the State of Emergency declared by both the City and the State. No one could have foreseen this shutdown coming as recently as a week ago, which is yet another reason to consider prefabrication as a risk management strategy early on during pre-construction.

De-risking the jobsite, saving schedules

While Boston-area projects are losing valuable and costly schedule time each day the shutdown continues, our Florida-based production plant is still producing product at the same rate we were running last week. Peeling away components of the jobsite to be fabricated elsewhere as part of the greater Industrial Construction initiative helps to insulate projects from discrete risks that would present themselves only at the jobsite, or the local city or area, such as fires, floods or other natural disasters, not to mention other risks such as the current pandemic. By taking most of the work offsite into a factory-controlled environment, modular building can carry on even if labor comes to a standstill elsewhere.

Despite these turbulent times our world finds itself in, we at SurePods are still able to produce pods at 100% for all of our in-progress projects – meaning contractors don’t have to worry about their schedules being as negatively affected. Without having to rely on a single job site, building professionals can save time thanks to our offsite modular methods, even amidst global chaos.

Extreme weather events

It’s also worth noting that modular construction can maintain its pace even in inclement weather. As long as the factory remains standing, the plant protects pre-fab crews from harsh and potentially dangerous elements, ranging from serious storms to extreme heat. Inside modular factories, temperatures remain consistent, supporting an ideal climate for doing one’s best work. And, contractors can be confident that modular components are being built as efficiently as possible – even if the weather outside is frightful.

Calm in the storm

  • Want to learn more about getting on board with a time-saving strategy that can lend a sense of calm during storms of uncertainty? Contact us at: [email protected].


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