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EEEEEK! Horror stories of rework needed during on-site bathroom construction

About 60% of the punch-list in hospitality and multi-housing projects results from damage to the bathrooms throughout the on-site bathroom construction process.

Picture dozens of subs coming and going in a space that’s typically no larger than 50 to 100 square feet – everyone from electricians to plumbers, drywall installers, painters, even the mirror hanger. It’s no wonder damage is so common during on-site bathroom construction. Mars and messes such as dings from drywall hangers’ stilts, paint drips, and more mishaps, result in costly and time-consuming rework and can delay project openings and revenue generation by weeks or months.

Here are a few recent bloopers on job sites we visited:

Above: Drywall mud will need to be scraped from shower tiles

Above: Drywall and paint dings caused during tile installation must be repaired

Above: Tub scuffs and plaster drips from tile backboard work require scraping/cleaning

Above: Floor tiles broken during construction must be repaired

Because of the cost and schedule hassles of fixing such damage, more developers are coming to us to learn how pre-fab bathroom pods help streamline construction. Instead of having to schedule and pay for scraping fixtures clean, touching up drywall scrapes and paint scuffs, and fixing other mishaps, SurePods arrive at the job site clean and ready to use following hook-up of the plumbing, electrical and mechanical systems, which all happens outside the pod, keeping the interior pristine.

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