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Green Sustainability Series, Part 2 – How Prefab Brings Resource and Energy Savings to the Construct

In the second installment of our “Green Sustainability Series,” we’re exploring how prefabricated construction methods reduce waste when it comes to resources and energy. This week, we’ll take a closer look at how resource-saving tactics employed during the SurePods’ construction process affords optimized energy efficiency in the application:

Precision manufacturing methods: Factory-controlled environments allow for more accurate construction techniques – automation with computer systems reduces margins of error and, in turn, reduces material waste. This means that modular bathroom pods built in a factory setting can have tighter joints and air filtration, which, in the application, allows for better wall insulation and optimized energy efficiency. The climate-controlled factory setting also greatly simplifies the construction-related demands associated with building bathrooms. Electrical, plumbing, finishes, and everything in between is constructed to exact project specifications offsite. Therefore, no resources or energy is expended on reworks onsite.

Purposeful, energy-saving design: If you caught last week’s post on reducing material waste, then you know that modular bathroom pods can be fabricated using recycled steel and wallboard. At SurePods, this is only the beginning of our efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle. Not only are pods comprised of recyclable building materials, but they’re also purposefully designed with energy-savings in mind. Energy-efficient LEDs, low-energy consumption occupancy sensors, and water-conserving fixtures, such as low-flow plumbing fixtures, are just a couple of examples of design features that help conserve resources and energy.

Next week, we’ll wrap up our series by exploring the prefab offers’ long-term sustainability benefits in a post-construction setting.

If you think your project is a match for SurePods, let’s talk. We have a checklist of technical issues we review with the project team based on our extensive experience. To get started, contact us at


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