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Hotel Business Article – How Prefab Bathrooms Can Save Time and Money

Hotel Business magazine recently published an article that takes an in-depth look at why more hoteliers are turning to prefab bathrooms as the skilled labor gap widens. Awareness is the first step in education, so let’s get started! As the article states:

A growing number of hotels are using prefabricated bathrooms to speed up construction and offset a skilled labor shortage.

Outfitted with SurePods modular bathrooms, properties are replacing traditional bathroom construction with pods that are fabricated off-site in a controlled factory setting to exact project standards.

“ We have been developing prefabricated bathroom pods since our inception in 2004,” said Bill Seery, VP of business development, SurePods, based here [Orlando, Fl.]. “We use a combination of building information modeling and lean manufacturing technology to provide customers with ready-to-install units. The bathrooms are sized, designed and accessorized according to architectural plans. They’re then built under controlled factory conditions, ensuring a high level of quality and efficiency.”

One of the primary benefits of bathroom pods is their speed to market. The modular units are built in a controlled environment to exact standards and arrive packaged in a waterproof wrap at the job site ready to install, with high level quality of components such as the shower pan for example, making every bathroom pod identical in quality and production.

The pod’s speed to market brings value to the owner in several ways: 1) It adds revenue/profit, 2) It reduces carry costs at the end of construction, and 3) It eliminates punch work in the bathroom. This not only speeds the project to market, but it also drives out poor, rushed workmanship at the end of the project. 

The pods also eliminate the need for unnecessary change orders in the bathroom, which means owners will be much less likely to dip into their contingency funds when utilizing SurePods. To learn more about the critical “why” behind the growing trend towards prefab bathrooms, you can read the full Hotel Business article by visiting:

And if you’re a hotelier who is new to the prefab construction method, be sure to check out the article’s three key tips for getting started:

1) Get involved early

2) Seek guidance 3) Keep it simple

Working on a hotel development? Contact us at [email protected], to see how we can help. Keep in mind, SurePods are only for commercial construction projects with 100 or more units.


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