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Hotel Management Article – When hotels should consider modular bathrooms

Hotel Management magazine recently published an article to help guide hotel developers who may not be familiar with the applicability and benefits of incorporating modular bathrooms in their new construction hotel projects. Awareness is the first step in education so let’s get started!

As the cliché goes, “time is money.” Hotel developers know this well, especially when construction delays cause property openings to slip by months, increasing their loan carrying costs and delaying revenue generation from guests.

To streamline hotel construction in the face of labor shortages, developers and designers are turning to prefabricated modular bathrooms instead of building bathrooms on-site.

When Modular Bathrooms Make Sense

Bathrooms can be a prime culprit in delaying hotel openings. “The bathroom is the most complex part of a hotel room,” said Seattle-based developer Greg Steinhaeur, president of American Life. “You have many different trade professionals working in a small space, plus lots of materials having to go up the lift, to build them.”

Bathrooms require 10 or more construction trades—including electrical, plumbing and finishing work ranging from drywall and painting to mirror hanging—all coming and going in a confined area over a matter of weeks. As a result, there’s an enormous risk of damage to previously completed work. Bathroom rework accounts for about 60 percent of the punch list in most hotel projects.

As with other aspects of hotel construction, another confounding factor with building bathrooms is the ever-worsening shortage of skilled construction labor in the U.S.

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