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SurePods and Hotel Design

We are proud of the fact that SurePods introduced prefabrication to the hotel industry over 10 years ago! However, the past 10 years have not been without challenges. Overcoming the reluctance of the construction industry so steeped in traditional methods, to see prefabrication as an alternative has been the biggest hurdle. The fact that productivity in the construction industry declined (see Lean Construction Industry’s “Construction Productivity in Decline”) over the last 2 decades alone should have been the impetus for the industry to wake up and look around for alternatives. Yet is was not.

While productivity challenges alone did not give the industry the push they needed, when combined with a tight labor market and ever increasing cost escalation, prefabrication and modular methods are finally getting the consideration they deserve.

SurePods is proud to say we are listed on Marriott Hotel’s Partner/Approved Vendor list. The Marriott International Global Design Strategies team spent 2015 working to deliver four, modular-constructed prototypes for all CFRST, AC Hotels and Moxy brands. This is a giant step forward for the modular industry pushing its way into commercial construction.

This article published today by Hotel News Now illustrates the fact that hospitality is a perfect match for the benefits of prefabrication. Escalating construction costs, lengthening construction timelines and the diminishing quality of construction will all find some remedy when leveraging the advantages of prefabrication. Read below, as Harry Wheeler AIA, NCARB, LEED , principal at Group One Partners, Inc. shares his insight into the relationship between hotel design and modular construction.

Hotel News Now “Modular construction and hotel design”

Ever evolving, the hospitality industry continues to adapt to changing conditions and the adoption of new design and construction trends.

Today, hotel developers are experiencing escalating construction and land costs, lengthening construction timelines and the diminishing quality of construction. As such, modular construction has been gaining a solid reputation as an innovative building approach for the hospitality design community due to its many benefits including speed, quality, practicality and cost. That’s coupled with its success in other market areas including commercial and multifamily housing, education, healthcare, office and administrative, retail and institutional……


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