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How Long Does it Take to Build a Bathroom Pod?

In addition to helping contractors combat rising material cost and skilled labor shortages, prefabricated bathroom pods can also save time on the jobsite. One of the most visible ways we’re able to speed up construction is by completing a bathroom pod in just 5-10 business days and then shipping 30+ units per shift. But this quick build and ship time is not the only way a prefabricated approach can expedite a construction project.

Behind the scenes, a prefabricated approach accelerates schedules with concurrent construction. Traditional construction approaches move linearly. The crew prepares the site and then builds the bathrooms. With a prefabricated bathroom pod, these processes happen simultaneously, which removes thousands of hours from the jobsite. Combining concurrent construction with just-in-time delivery, bathroom pods can save time often used for material handling and shipping coordination to optimize a building project.

Another benefit of prefabrication is that it consolidates as many as 12 trades—from plumbing and drywall to tile and electrical. This integrated approach mitigates the time spent negotiating and scheduling these many subcontractors. It also sidelines chain reaction delays. For instance, if a plumber is delayed, that might cause a delay with drywallers, and if that subcontractor is not available to accommodate a pushed-back schedule, it will only increase the delays. Eliminating rework and delays means more than completing a bathroom pod in 5-10 business days. It also provides contractors a reliable timeline, which means fewer adjustments overall for a more efficient build.

As a result of consolidating trades, this approach also eliminates the bathroom punch list. Without risk of damage to previously completed work from various skilled trades coming and going in a 50 to 100 square foot space, finished work stays in pristine condition. Additionally, because prefabricated bathroom pods can be inspected in our plant, the time contractors spend on punch lists can be directed elsewhere. This can speed up not only bathroom builds but also the entire construction process in general. All in all, clients usually shave 2-4 months off their construction schedule with SurePods prefabricated bathrooms.

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