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Industry Observers Rate Modular Construction Top Trend For 2018

An interesting – but not surprising – thing happened when we did an internet search for 2018 construction trends. From AEC-focused media companies to equipment and software suppliers, more than a half-dozen organizations listed modular or offsite construction as a top trend for the year – among them:

We at SurePods certainly believe in modular construction, but what do these others say about modular’s rise in popularity?

Common themes are the time savings from off-site construction and improved productivity. Construction Dive sums this up: “Traditional contractors’ desire to increase project efficiency with offsite components is opening the door to greater collaboration between general contractors and offsite fabricators.” Adding to this, Construct Connect notes that by building in a controlled environment, modular construction helps eliminate weather delays and improve worker safety.

Another trend several of these industry observers highlighted is the ongoing severe shortage of skilled labor. Notably, 78% of construction firms are having difficulty filling openings for skilled labor, according to a survey by the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC). This trend also links to the rise in modular construction, as contractors are increasingly building offsite as a way to address labor shortages in their markets.

What construction trends do you foresee for the rest of 2018? Share your opinion, comment below.


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