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Is Finding Construction Site Labor a Problem?

Are you like the other 80% of all construction businesses in the Associated General Contractors of America 2015 study that reports having a hard time finding qualified skilled labor? A lot of contractors are having to fill positions with foreign labor who are coming over with h1-b visas to help the struggling companies.

Finding construction site labor is a problem with an industry-wide impact.

A recently released survey by the AGC revealed that nearly 80 percent of construction businesses are having a hard time finding qualified skilled labor.

In the SurePods™ manufacturing facility, we employ year round skilled workers who work indoors. Factories are not affected by dangers of poor weather conditions. Safety measures are easy to monitor and can be strictly imposed in a manufacturing facility. Our SurePods bathrooms are constructed at ground level, reducing risks from working at heights. When all combined, factories are a safer place to build bathrooms and therefore we are able to retain employees even under the strain of the construction industry to find construction site labor.

Each SurePod prefabricated bathroom pod takes 100 man-hours off the project site.

Interested in taking some labor off your site?


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