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KPMG Keeps 800-Guestroom Learning Center On Schedule In Tight Orlando Labor Market

Note: above image credit Orlando Business Journal

A July headline in the Orlando Business Journal captures the painful labor situation contractors across the U.S. face: “Orlando’s construction workforce grows to 10-year high — and there’s still a shortage.”

In the midst of Central Florida’s shortfall of skilled construction labor, professional services firm KPMG on August 8 topped out its new, massive “Learning, Development and Innovation Facility” near the Orlando International Airport. The $450 million, 55-acre training center in Lake Nona, Florida, will feature 780,000 square feet of learning and living space, reports the Orlando Business Journal.

To serve an estimated 40,000 KPMG visitors per year, the facility will include 800 guestrooms. The bathrooms in those guestrooms are one of the innovations allowing KPMG to keep the training center construction on track despite labor shortages. The SurePods pre-fabricated bathrooms eliminate the need for hiring and scheduling 10 or more different trades – workers ranging from framers to drywallers, plumbers and electricians – even the crews who hang the mirrors and art on the bathroom walls.

The Orlando-built bathroom pods were trucked across town for plug-and-play installation, reducing the time needed for bathroom construction, including eliminating the costly and time-consuming punch list of rework typically necessary with bathroom construction.

“Whether you are in central Florida, Nashville, New York, California, or anywhere else in North America (we’ve even shipped to the Bahamas) we can get you pods efficiently and help you solve your quality and labor availability issues at a competitive price,” said Bill Seery, SurePods vice president of business development.

KPMG anticipates opening its Learning, Development and Innovation Facility in early 2020.

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