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Modular Bathrooms Clean Up Construction Hassles by Commercial Architecture

The following article was originally published by Commercial Architecture

Seattle luxury hotel and NYC public-housing projects use pre-fab bathroom pods.

In most hospitality and multi-unit residential projects, the bathrooms are a key schedule driver.

“The bathroom is the most complex part of a hotel room,” said Seattle-based developer, Greg Steinhaeur, president of American Life. “You have many different trade professionals working in a small space, plus lots of materials having to go up the lift to build them.”

“Historically, the number of trades and amount of coordination required in a bathroom exceeds pretty much any other area in a building,” noted Les Bluestone, partner, Blue Sea Development Co., New York City.

From luxury hotels to public housing, building a typical bathroom requires sequencing ten or more construction trades–including electrical, plumbing, and finishing work ranging from drywall and painting to mirror hanging–all working in an area of about 50 to 100 sq. ft. With many trades coming and going in a confined area, there is substantial damage risk to previously completed work. Bathroom rework accounts for about 60% of the punch list in most multi-housing projects, and can cause weeks of schedule delays.

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