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Modular Bathrooms Help Construction Stay on Schedule

Despite the weather, modular bathrooms help stay on schedule 

Mark Twain once quipped, “If you don’t like the weather in New England, just wait a few minutes.”

The trouble is, if you’re a developer or contractor in the Northeast region, or any place with challenging weather conditions, you can’t afford delays when you’re trying to finish a building on time and on budget.

Developer RAVentures, and Brian Gurry of American Builder TV fame, experienced this recently while building a Hyatt Place Hotel and Fairfield Inn by Marriott at the new APEX Center in Marlboro, Massachusetts. From December through mid-February, winter storms have pounded the Northeastern U.S.. They have received up to two feet of snow in some areas, including suburban Boston where RAVentures is building the two hotels, totaling 245 rooms.

"When asked how SurePods™ have impacted the Hyatt Place hotel project, Brian Gurry said “I’ve been in construction since I was 8 years old on my dad’s worksites, including Boston landmarks like the Prudential Building and the State Street Bank, so naturally I fell into construction and my own TV show around construction. One of the most exciting things of how the industry changes daily! In a wind blinding snowstorm, me and my guys with the help of a crane loaded 23 finished bathrooms “pods” into the sixth floor of the Hyatt hotel effortlessly…. the building sitting there in raw steel now has ?% finished bathrooms. This is a game changer!“ Brian Gurry, American Builder Host

Based on the speed of construction they achieved using prefabricated bathrooms on two other New England hotels, RAVentures specified SurePods™ prefabricated bathroom pods early on for the APEX Center hotels. The prefab units consolidate more than 10 construction trades – including electrical, plumbing and finishing work – into one product. The modular bathroom units are easy to lift, place and connect, which helps save project developers time and money while improving bathroom quality for hotel owners and guests.

Additionally, prefabricating bathroom pods in an indoor factory environment protects materials and helps prevent weather delays. RAVentures has continued to work through the harsh winter of 2017. For the most part, crews have been able to make good progress on site despite the weather, thanks to simple-to-install SurePods™.


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