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Modular Hotel Construction a Focus at Marriott CONNECT

Marriott bringing modular construction technology to their owners

Marriott is ready to help their owners take advantage of the opportunities that prefabrication and modularization bring to hotel construction.

Few in the AEC industry disagree that construction is the next frontier for innovation. The transformation modular hotel construction can bring to developers is tremendous. In recent years, Marriott has worked with top modular companies to explore the possibilities prefabrication and modular allow in an effort to confidently bring that technology to their owners.

Advantages that modular hotel construction offer:

  • Projects can be built faster and open sooner

  • Budget certainty through gained efficiencies, elimination of risk, and waste

  • Controlled factory production offers more consistent quality

  • Green by design: modules are completed with careful material planning minimal waste

  • Can offer a pricing advantage in areas where labor and materials are at a premium

SurePods is proud to be a MARRIOTT APPROVED modular construction company.

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