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Money Today, Money Tomorrow

Readers of this blog know we’ve written extensively about the ability of pre-fabricated modular bathrooms to help you complete projects sooner. An earlier building opening, of course, means earlier revenue generation and shorter construction loan periods – putting more money in your pocket today. But something you might not be aware of is, pre-fab also can help you earn more money tomorrow.

For hotel owners, operators and REITs, you know you’ll need to refurbish bathrooms at about the 8 and 15 year marks after opening – starting with a soft refresh during the first cycle, and a hard refurbishment at the second cycle. Thousands of guests take their toll over the years, from dings and scratches to more severe damage, plus design tastes and styles change.

Choosing a durable pre-fabricated modular bathroom at initial construction can help streamline refurbishments down the line. For example, SurePods manufactures our bathroom pods using durable materials like our patent-pending, fully waterproof and crack-proof Ironcloud ceiling, and USG Fiberock Aqua-Tough interior panels. Such materials provide a solid foundation for future bathroom upgrades, and eliminate the need for drywall replacement.

The Courtyard by Marriott in Hagerstown, Maryland, shaved off about two days per floor from the schedule for its recent refurbishment, due to the ongoing durability of its modular bathrooms. After seven years and an average 2,000 guests per room, there was no mold or water leaks in any of the hotel’s 100 guestroom bathrooms. “The bathrooms really have held up well; we didn’t have to remove any drywall – there’s no damage, mold or things we find all the time [in a conventional bathroom remodel],” said Gary Fennell, director of facilities and construction for hotel developer and manager Plamondon Hospitality Partners. Not needing to replace bathroom drywall helped reduce labor time, allowing for a more timely return of rooms to generating revenue. Watch a 3-minute interview with Fennell discussing the remodel.


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