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Imagine ordering a new dishwasher for your home.

After picking it out in the store or online, a crew delivers it to your home, where installation is fast and simple. One or two workers simply slide the unit into place, hook it up to your home’s water supply, drainage system and electricity. Within minutes, you’re ready to wash a load of dishes.

But, what if your dishwasher didn’t come as a “plug and play” unit? Picture the following bizarre scenario of a dishwasher built on site.

You order the dishwasher, and some days later a sheet metal worker comes to your home and fashions the body of the dishwasher. In a few more days, a plumber comes and installs water tubing and sprayers. Yet more time passes before an electrician comes and installs the electronic controls, heating element and other similar systems. Somewhere in there, a door installer comes, then a painter to apply an attractive finish. Eventually – perhaps weeks after the work started – a “rack-fitter” comes and builds the rolling racks that will hold the dishes. But, as good as he is at building and installing racks, he accidentally pokes a hole in the body of the dishwasher. As a result, you must schedule the sheet metal worker to come back and repair the damage. Meanwhile, dishes are piling up in your sink, awaiting the completion of a dishwasher months after you ordered it.

Absurd? You bet!

But, that’s the way bathrooms typically are built today in hotels, senior living facilities and other multi-housing buildings. Developers must schedule more than 10 different trades – from drywall installers to painters, plumbers, electricians and mirror hangers – all the while hoping against hope that no one damages previously completed work.

Fortunately, just as there’s no need to be a scheduler-extraordinaire to get a new dishwasher installed, it is now possible to order plug and play bathrooms for your projects.

Pre-fabricated modular bathrooms are built in a factory setting to each project’s specifications, then delivered by truck to the job site with all the finishes and fixtures pre-installed. Construction crews crane the pods to the appropriate floor, then slide them into the structure while the building façade is still open.

A two- or three-person crew then maneuvers each pod into place, anchors it and connects the electrical systems, hot and cold-water hook-ups and waste water disposal. Similar to the convenience of installing a dishwasher, the bathroom is now ready to use.

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