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Pod Flying Celebration at the Royal Sonesta Hotel

Sonesta Hotel by The RMR Group (Owner), DPR Construction (Contractor), and Leo Daly (Architect)

On March 24, 2022, DPR Construction hosted an event to celebrate the installation of SurePods prefabricated bathroom pods into the Royal Sonesta Hotel on 20 Massachusetts Avenue in Washington D.C.

The Royal Sonesta Hotel, a 271-key luxury hotel, is DPR’s first integration of SurePods prefabricated bathroom pods in the D.C. Metro area. The 300,000-sq.-ft. building is expanding by 150,000-sq.-ft. and transforming into Capital Hill’s newest mixed-use destination. Centrally located in the heart of D.C., the LEED® Gold certified office, hotel and retail complex will support an active community. The project anticipates opening sometime in 2023 for guests to enjoy the central location and luxury amenities.

The highly designed, factory-built custom bathroom pods were manufactured simultaneously with the hotel’s initial construction phase, significantly reducing the construction schedule compared to a traditional stick-built approach.

SurePods closed the project’s manufacturing phase, delivering pods in batches to the jobsite. Approximately 20 pods per day will be lifted and set into place. Shortly after, each bathroom will be connected to the hotel’s MEP systems, completing the bathroom installation process.

The Royal Sonesta Hotel “20 Mass” project team also utilized a prefabricated curtainwall system on the eastern elevation to minimize disruption and shutdowns to the pedestrian alley. A prefabrication shop was built on-site to assemble the system, allowing for a focused team to work in a controlled environment and deliver a consistent product with zero re-work.

SurePods’ bathroom pods and other prefabricated approaches maximize the following benefits:

  • Efficiency of construction

  • Enhanced schedule

  • Safer job site for construction teams and the local public

Special thanks to The RMR Group, the project owner and developer, and DPR Construction, the project contractor, for hosting the successful event. Check out SurePods’ Project Portfolio for other hospitality projects and more! To learn how bathroom pods can improve your design and build processes, please message us on our Contact Page.


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