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Pre-Fab Delivers on High Design

Take a good look at this 5-star resort bathroom. Located in the beachfront Grand Hyatt Baha Mar in Nassau, Bahamas, the high-end bathroom boasts a prefab design that features double sinks with clean, modern lines, a generous soaking tub and a shower stall elegantly separated from a toilet water closet by frosted glass. Now, how many of you would guess that this luxurious space was one of 1,800 pre-fabricated modular units by SurePods for Grand Hyatt Hotels?

Contrary to pre-fab myths, visions of cookie cutter and lackluster modular units belong in the past. As we’ve talked about before, today’s modular construction is fully customizable and offers superior quality from manufacturing processes to materials. Hospitality companies such as Marriott, Hilton and Hyatt continue to specify pre-fab in their lavish properties. Marriott is even going so far as to have the world’s tallest modular hotel complete with prefabricated guestrooms, a modular roof and modular rooftop bar. Healthcare, multifamily housing and other industries are starting to follow suit.

Despite the uptick in pre-fab, design myths still abound. Read on for fact versus fiction around modular units, and see how a pre-fab approach can actually help elevate the design, from start to full-finish:

High-quality manufacturing

Fiction: Prefabrication is synonymous with low quality manufacturing.

Fact: Modern modular units can have superior quality, starting with how they’re made. The factory process for many pre-fab companies, including SurePods, is largely automated with computers, CNC machines and specialty equipment. All of these lean technologies drive precision.

Working alongside machines, cross-trained employees also perform quality control at every station. This includes a raw material inspection. In the controlled, well-lit work environment, they also conduct a final 120-point quality assurance inspection. The result is excellent, consistent craftsmanship across an entire order.

Fully customizable design

Fiction: Modular units are completely devoid of customization and won’t stand up to stringent brand guidelines.

Fact: In reality, you name it and pre-fab can make it happen. For example, with SurePods bathroom pods, it is possible to design nearly any interior fixture to strict brand and finish standards. From trim, fixtures and tile to wall coverings, artwork and more, building teams can customize bathroom components. It simply starts with the architect, contractor, interior designer and manufacturer coming together and collaborating on the design process.

As interior designer Stina Funch explained in an interview: “SurePods produces what we design and draw.” She continued, “To us quality is key and we would never substitute quality or good design. The collaboration and design of the prefab bathrooms still allow for excellent quality and efficiency. Your pods don’t have to be cookie cutter but can be designed as boutique, unique bathrooms.”

Material surety

Fiction: Modular units are easily distinguishable from traditionally built buildings due to the quality of the materials.

Fact: Many prefabricators incorporate progressive materials such as steel studs and specialty wall panels to ensure a high level of excellence. With more than 15 years of experience, SurePods, for one, has seen what lasts the test of time and has taken that knowledge to develop a patent-pending, fully waterproof and mold and mildew resistant ceiling. What’s more, these ceiling panels have a five-year no-crack warranty, further setting the modular unit apart.

With material surety, long-term maintenance is greatly reduced. This results in better overall value for the property owner. In addition, it enhances quality and aesthetics, impressing even the most discerning resident or hotel guest.

Intrigued about using modular bathrooms in your next project? Contact us at: [email protected] as early as possible to fully get the value of pods.


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