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Prefab Construction approach receives Recognition

SurePods was pleased to be a part of the construction team assembled by Mortenson Construction on the Exempla/Saint Joseph Hospital building project. Mortenson Construction as the construction manager, was tasked with completing the project in just 3 years from ground breaking. Hospitals are a unique breed of construction that presents significant challenges. Prefab construction methods are fast becoming a goto solution for forward thinking CM firms like Mortenson. As this article on summarizes:

“healthcare facility…construction projects are a necessary evil. Whether it’s a minor finish, a technology upgrade, or a campus-wide building program, construction projects can be expensive, unpredictable, inconvenient, and seem to last forever.” Walter Jones, Buildings Magazine

Mortenson was able to meet the lofty construction goals set forth by Exempla/Saint Joseph by employing the use of prefab construction elements, including SurePods. Read more about this project and hear testimonial from Exempla/Saint Joseph Hospital CEO Bain J. Farris at The Denver Post.

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