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Projects in the Works: New Element by Marriott Heads to St. Louis with SurePods

St. Louis, Missouri, is just a year away from experiencing an influx of extended-stay guests. The city’s first Element by Marriott hotel is set to open in 2020, adding 153 spacious, nature-inspired rooms for visitors looking to stay and discover the burgeoning midtown area near St. Louis University (SLU) and the Cortex innovation district.

The extended-stay Element by Marriott brand is different than others in the area, explained David Robert, CEO of the hotel’s management company, Midas Hospitality, in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “Element rooms, for instance, all have full kitchens, and guests stay an average of five nights.” The spacious guest rooms also have laundry, expansive closets and spa-like bathrooms that show guests why staying longer truly is a great idea.

But the feels-like-home, wellness theme isn’t all that sets the new Element by Marriott hotel apart. The 8-story hotel is using prefabricated bathrooms from SurePods under the Marriott modular initiate to deliver on its design needs while expediting construction schedules and keeping external jobsite pressures down.

“Since 2011, construction timelines have extended one month a year,” said Eric Jacobs, North America chief development officer for Marriott’s select service and extended stay brands. “What traditionally takes four or five months for a three-story wood-frame hotel is now 20 to 22 months in construction. Anything we can do to help owners and investors to shorten the development time frame will help. It gives greater comfort for our lenders. It gives cities a better way to predict labor and jobs.”

The Element brand has been redesigned as part of the Marriott portfolio. SurePods supported Marriott by building one of the earliest prototypes of the new bathroom design. The St. Louis Element Marriott is now one of the first projects being built in the country with this design.

SurePods supports all Marriott brands across the entire country. To learn more about how the prefabricated units can meet your hotel needs, contact us at [email protected]. With early involvement, we can pass along all possible value and savings to the client.


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